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My name is Peter Kirwin; I founded Puzzle Sandiwch General Consulting, and operate it along with a team of technical advisors. By simultaneously providing various related services, I can offer value to even small groups with the efficiency normally only available to large enterprises.
I have extensive experience building web applications for start ups, so I know how to wear many hats within an organization, manage uncertainty and rapidly changing settings, and take projects from back-of-the-napkin ideas to broad distribution.
I hold a PhD from the University of Minnesota in program evaluation, or as I describe it, using data to answer questions. I focus on the ultimate use of the inquiry process, especially in uncertain and evolving environments. This means understanding the context of the organization in order to ask meaningful questions, finding valuable answer to them, and then the staying involved to ensure that the findings make their way into measurable outcomes.
I take a holistic view of companies, helping medium and small groups understand their stakeholders and resources, develop new (often technical) processes, and persevere through the organizational change required to implement the improvements.
Puzzle Sandwich is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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Puzzle Sandwich?
I once heard about a dog named Chocolate Wine: it was named after its owner's two favorite things. If I took that same approach to naming something, it would be 'Puzzle Sandwich.' Above all other activities, I like solving problems and eating.
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