Software / Web
Research / Analysis
Be more than just present online: Learn about your customers and let them interact with you using powerful web applications.
Reduce labor through automation, decrease response time, and passively gather data with connected devices, IoT, and robotics.
Leverage data to move the needle on important metrics. From asking the right questions, through data analysis, to implementation.
Assemble multiple data streams and employ cutting-edge analysis techniques to obtain understandable and actionable findings.
What We Do
We provide policy intelligence and technological innovation functionality to small- and medium-sized organizations that know their industry better than their tech and data.
Policy Intelligence involves systematic inquiry into internal and external business processes. We use qualitative and quantitative methods to find useful answers to the right questions, not just the easy questions.
Technological Innovation involves creating new technology or leveraging existing technology in new ways. The best innovations are often simple and inexpensive: more complicated technology doesn't necessarily mean better technology.
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By combining web and technology services in-shop with research and evaluation, we can seamlessly integrate information and policy with implementation, increasing usability and decreasing cost.
Increasing Usability We practice Utilization Focused Evaluation (UFE) to maximize the likelihood that findings will actually change practices and policies. This process begins with asking the right questions, and ends with measuring implementation.
Decreasing Cost Combining the policy intelligence and technological innovation roles decreases the number of meetings and the amount of time spend communicating, so less time is spent talking and more time is spent creating value.
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Whom We Serve
From procurement and pricing, to merchandicing, to customer behavior and feedback, we can help you ask the right questions, find meaningful answers, and generate new practices to improve your business.
Small energy companies now interact with customers as much as with regulations and wires. We offer the web applications, IoT, and evaluation that allow you find your place in the market.
Making change in education requires more than just a solid vision - it requires the ability to navigate politics, limited resources, an unyielding process timelines. We can see good ideas through to effective policy.
Professional Services
Streamline your internal processes, communication, and data handling to spend more time with your clients and less time managing operations.
Reduce manual effort and remove errors with automation and IoT, and learn from your data to streamline your processes and eliminate waste, from supply chain, to customer relations, to shipping.
Integrate marketing initiatives with customer behavior across your interaction opportunities, and remove friction from eCommerce.
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